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Ülisoe läikiv talvejope

50,0065,00 sisaldab KM 20%

Honeycomb sisuga ülisoe talvejope.


“Our clothes are characterized by a top insulating and transpiration capacity thanks to a particular lightweight and soft padding combined with a great attractive look. In our laboratories, we developed a high-tech wadding of ultra-fine fibres and honeycomb structure: this insulating material is extremely effective even being so thin. The honeycomb cells contain air-the best thermal insulator and create a barrier between the body and outside, avoiding the incoming of cold air while facilitating the transportation of water vapour to outside. In this way, a comfortable warm body-climate is assured. “


Modelli pikkus: 173cm kannab suurust S

S- Rü – 90-100 sm

M-Rü- 100-110 sm




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